Hi. I'm Matt Edwards.
I design software.

I'm the lead developer of a team of eight people at EndUser.

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What we make

We create software that solves business needs

Web Stores

Our web stores make it easy to promote and sell your products and services online

Order Management Systems

Manage everything from receiving orders to invoicing and delivering services to customers

Automation Software

Connect the dots and streamline business processes that are traditionally quite time consuming

How we make it

We listen and then we build your stories.

  • Team Leader listens to a customer describe the problem they want to solve and prepares a list of requirements called user stories
  • Project Manager organizes user stories into groups and schedules their development
  • UX Designer designs storyboards that graphically demonstrate how the user stories will work
  • Programmer develops user stories into software apps that run on top of our proprietary app platform
  • QA Tester makes sure the stories satisfy the original requirements and function perfectly
  • Publisher prepares the stories to be released and publishes them to the web

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PO Box 1408
Blackfalds, AB T0M 0J0
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